Hello I'm John Manicke

I am a full-stack Product Designer who uses design to improve lives and create new ways for people to experience the world. Comfortable with ambiguity, I lead cross-functional teams with empathy to drive collaboration and achieve top-notch results.

Based out of New York, NY
Nice to meet you! 

Drop me an Email and I'll send you a link to my portfolio.  


I'm all about keeping things simple and improving peoples lives through user-friendly interactions. I'm also dedicated to making every user experience accessible to everyone. I love crafting product strategy and investigating user needs then rolling my sleeves up and ensuring the best solution gets built.

My hands-on approach involves refining and improving product designs, ensuring they appear simple and intuitive to users. This is fun for me. I'm constantly updating my skillset, creating intuitive product designs and delivering successful UX solutions.

If you're interested in collaborating or have an inquiry, please feel free to drop me an email at johnmanicke@gmail.com Let's make people's lives better together!